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Shares and share-based incentive schemes

Basware (BAS1V) has been listed on Nasdaq Helsinki since 2000.

Trading code BAS1V
ISIN code FI0009008403
LEI code
Sector Teknologia, Mid
Book-counter value EUR 0,30
Listing price on February 29, 2000 EUR 5,70
Closing price on December 31, 2016 EUR 36,30

The total number of shares amounts to 14,401,936. The company has one series of shares, and all the shares carry one vote and an equal right to a dividend.

Dividend policy

Basware aims at increased market capitalization. When preparing the dividend policy, Basware's Board of Directors considers company's financial position, profitability and prospects in the near future as well as its long-term growth potential. According to Basware's strategy, the company will make investments to accelerate growth in its key markets and operations and therefore it does not aim for dividend payments during 2016-2018.