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Internal audit

The Group's internal audit assesses and ensures the sufficiency and effectiveness of the Group's internal control. It also assesses the efficiency of different business processes, sufficiency of risk management and compliance with internal guidelines. Internal audit services are mainly acquired from an external and independent service supplier selected by the Board of Directors of Basware Corporation, supplemented by the company's in-house resources as applicable.

The Group's internal audit is independent of Basware's business units and other units. It reports to the Group's Board of Directors and, in an administrative sense, to the CEO. The CFO coordinates internal audit activities. The work description, authority and responsibilities of the Group internal audit are specified in the Internal Audit Charter. The Board of Directors approves the Internal Audit Charter and the annual risk-based audit plan.

External audit

According to the Articles of Association, Basware Corporation has a minimum of one and a maximum of two auditors appointed by the Annual General Meeting, at least one of which is a firm accredited by the Central Chamber of Commerce (Authorized Public Accountants). Additionally, the company has a minimum of one and a maximum of two deputy auditors. The auditors are elected until further notice. The Board's proposal for the auditor is disclosed in the notice of the General Meeting. The primary function of audit is to verify that the Financial Statements give accurate and adequate information about Basware Corporation's result and financial position for the financial period. In addition, the Auditors report to the Board of Directors on the ongoing auditing of administration and operations. Ernst & Young Oy, Authorized Public Accountants organisation, was elected as the company's auditor and Ms. Terhi Mäkinen, Authorized Public Accountant, as the principally responsible auditor in the Annual General Meeting of Basware Corporation, held on 13 February 2015.